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Encapsulation of large flue pipes

Encapsulation of large flue pipes

Encapsulation of large flue pipes

Managing Asbestos with Precision and Care

This week, one of teams worked at a location I don’t believe we shared on a post on before…

A car park in the heart of Central London.

From the images, you can witness the transformation of these large flue pipes.

We encapsulated them using a robust grey ET-150 paint, applied meticulously using both Greco spray and traditional paint brushes.

This careful approach ensures an even, secure coating, enhancing the safety of the location.

The man behind these works is Steve Hall, one of our newest site supervisors. Steve has rapidly made himself an integral part of the WestCross family, taking immense pride in his work and consistently delivering exceptional service to our clients.

If you encounter a potential asbestos issue or have any concerns related to asbestos, our team is only a call or an email away.

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