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Precision Planning at a Buckinghamshire School

Planning for a summer asbestos removal project at a school

Precision Planning at a Buckinghamshire School

Today, we want to share another part of our service which in this post is about a visit to this school, carrying out the crucial planning phase.
Our mission? To meticulously plan the safe removal of various licensed and non-licensed Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs), as part of the school’s summer refurbishment program.
On-site with our client, armed with detailed surveys and scopes, we carefully assessed every aspect:
✔️ Safe Access to the work area
✔️ Elimination of non asbestos risks, where possible
✔️Considerations for safe working at height
✔️Transit and waste routes including segregation from other building users for safe material movement
✔️Enclosure size and construction for effective air management
✔️Coordination with other trades present during the refurbishment works
✔️ Air monitoring regime
This visit was led by Steve Thacker, one of our Contract Managers.
Ready for an asbestos removal project? Trust WestCross for an approach that combines thorough planning with impeccable execution.

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