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The Value of Site Visits- Central London Hotel

The Value of Client Visits When Removing Asbestos- Central London Hotel

The Value of Site Visits- Central London Hotel

The Value of On-Site Check-ins: A Look into A Recent Visit

Site visits are not just a formality for us; they’re an integral part of ensuring the success and quality of our projects. These check-ins allow us to ensure our teams have all the equipment they need, assess the satisfaction of our clients, and maintain the crucial human touch that sets WestCross apart.

Case in point: Terry’s recent early visit to a hotel project in Earls Court.

This was originally projected as a 6-week programme, a detailed soft strip revealed the initial survey wasn’t comprehensive enough. 

Thanks to our diligent reassessment and a second survey, we identified key variations, extending the timeline to 14 weeks.

Adjustments like these, while impactful on time and cost, are essential for ensuring the job is done right.

We’re proud to say that our international client, despite the budgetary adjustments, has expressed immense satisfaction with the progress and the exceptional quality of work our team delivers on-site.

It’s moments like these that underscore the importance of regular site visits. Ensuring our projects meet WestCross’s standards isn’t just good for business; it’s the right thing to do.

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