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Case Studies: Project to remove asbestos from a school boiler room
Case Studies: Working at an established entertainment venue
Case Studies: Summer work at a college basement plant room
Case Studies: Phase 2 of summer works at a school

Asbestos Adverts

On this page we have shared images found online of days where the use of asbestos related products were advertised. You won’t believe the statements some make!


Asbestos Baby Suit

Statement after statement on this advert shocks. Surely this can’t be real!


Asbestos Floor Tiles

A clean and safe place for babies to crawl & play! If only they knew what we know now!


Asbestos Baking Paper Sheets

So…the message here is…don’t burn your roasts…use asbestos baking paper sheets…erm…no thanks!


The Magic Mineral

This advert targets farms with claims of being fireproof, rot-proof and practically indestructible. Not wrong-but not safe!


Asbestos Insoles

The claim here is that by wearing them the feet feel so good that the whole nervous system benefits…you might feel nervous wearing them nowdays!


Asbestos Mitts

Quilted gloves that last twice as long…we have no doubt they would do the job…but would you fancy your hands coming into contact with asbestos? Doubt it!


Asbestos Roofs

This advert leads with “when the neighbors house burns”…now thats a thought provoking advert!


Asbestos in aviation

It’s safer with asbestos- The safest asbestos. This ad also claims to supply the Royal Air Force!


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