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Asbestos Removal Services for domestic & commercial customers

Who we help

We support both residential & businesses across the UK in the safe removal of asbestos

Here at WestCross we work with both blue chip companies alongside homeowners…but one thing remains the same: Our level of care, attention and professionalism on every single project we undertake



We help homeowners safely remove asbestos from their properties. We take every care to ensure minimal disruption at your property



No matter where your business is across the UK, we can help. Our team always work around the needs of our clients and complete works 24/7

Offering our clients a variety of asbestos removal services

WestCross Environmental Services are a licensed asbestos removal contractor offering nationwide removal, encapsulation, decontamination, soft strip & asbestos survey services across all sectors.

Our highly qualified and experienced management team work closely alongside our clients to ensure all works are undertaken safely, efficiently and to the highest of standards whilst causing minimal disruption to all stakeholders.

Westcross Services

Asbestos Removal

WestCross Environmental Services are capable of undertaking the safe removal and disposal of asbestos containing materials from a wide range of properties to include residential, schools, offices, factories and retail outlets.

Working under current legislation, WestCross Environmental Services Ltd can offer a high standard of remedial works using our highly trained and experienced workforce.

Thorough planning of remediation projects is undertaken to ensure smooth completion of all projects with minimal disturbance to all stakeholders involved.


Should your works unexpectedly uncover or damage asbestos or presumed asbestos containing materials, WestCross Environmental Services Ltd can arrange for emergency attendance to undertake clean-up works using the appropriate control measures for the material identified.

Relevant air testing can also be arranged using our UKAS accredited supply chain partners.

Westcross Services
Westcross Services


Asbestos should only be removed if absolutely necessary
Asbestos Containing Materials should remain in place and be included in a building management plan. Small areas of damage can be repaired, the material encapsulated or enclosed by another non-asbestos material.

At WestCross Environmental Services Ltd, we are positioned to undertake encapsulation of a wide range of asbestos containing materials using specialist products to allow effective management of asbestos containing materials.

Soft Strip

Soft-strip is the process of removing all non-structural elements within buildings to facilitate demolition or refurbishment works.

WestCross Environmental Services Ltd team of experienced operatives can assist with any soft-strip requirements as a standalone project or as part of a wider asbestos removal scheme.

Waste management plans will be implemented to minimise disposal of waste and maximise re-use and recycling.

Westcross Services
Westcross Services

Asbestos Waste Clearance

We offer comprehensive asbestos waste collection services across the UK. Our dedicated team is equipped with the expertise and resources to handle various asbestos waste scenarios, ensuring safe and compliant disposal.

We respond promptly to asbestos waste collection requests, prioritising safety and minimising risks. With expert handling, legal compliance, and environmental responsibility, we ensure efficient and responsible collection, containment, and disposal of asbestos waste.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about asbestos and our services here

Decontamination is an essential step in ensuring a safe environment after asbestos removal or exposure. Our decontamination process involves thorough cleaning and sanitisation of the affected area using specialised techniques and equipment. We meticulously remove any residual asbestos particles, ensuring the space is safe for reoccupation. Our commitment to meticulous decontamination reflects our dedication to providing a clean and healthy environment for our clients.

Soft strip is the process of removing non-load-bearing structures and fixtures from a building before renovation or demolition. It plays a crucial role in asbestos management as it helps identify and safely remove any hidden asbestos-containing materials within walls, ceilings, or other concealed areas. Our experienced team carries out soft strip procedures meticulously, ensuring the identification and safe removal of asbestos materials while minimising disruption to the overall project.

We stand out from other asbestos removal companies due to our commitment to personalised service, utmost care for our clients, and exceptional reviews from previous customers. We are a family-run firm with over 60 years of combined industry experience, providing us with a deep understanding of asbestos management. Our licensed and highly qualified team works closely with clients, prioritising their safety and satisfaction, and our track record of positive reviews and recommendations showcases our dedication to delivering a first class service.


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