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Asbestos in Schools

Supporting the removal of asbestos from schools & educational buildings

Asbestos poses a significant concern in schools across the UK, presenting potential health risks to students, teachers, and staff. Many schools constructed before the year 2000 contain asbestos-containing materials, which, if damaged or disturbed, can release harmful fibres into the air. At WestCross Environmental Services, we understand the importance of creating safe learning environments, which is why we actively support schools across the country in the safe removal of asbestos. Our experienced team works closely with school authorities, conducting thorough assessments, providing tailored solutions, and ensuring the safe removal and management of asbestos. However, more needs to be done to address the widespread issue of asbestos in schools. It is crucial for government bodies, educational authorities, and stakeholders to prioritise the identification, management, and removal of asbestos in schools to safeguard the well-being of students, teachers, and staff nationwide. Together, we can create safer educational spaces for future generations.

Asbestos in schools is a matter of utmost importance, and we are honoured to have assisted hundreds of schools across the country in safely removing asbestos from their premises.

Our dedicated team understands the significance of creating a safe and healthy learning environment for students, and we take great pride in our role in safeguarding their well-being.

With our first-class asbestos removal services and unwavering commitment to safety, we have made a positive impact on countless educational institutions. Together, we are ensuring that schools remain free from the risks of asbestos exposure, allowing students and educators to thrive in a secure environment. Making a difference, one school at a time.

Billy Ive– Site Supervisor

Asbestos in Schools

Supporting the removal of asbestos from schools & educational buildings

Any buildings built pre 2000 are likely to contain asbestos & schools are no education. At WestCross Environmental Services we have been trusted to work alongside local councils & privately run schools to safely remove asbestos. However, more must be done to have it removed with many campaigns encouraging schools to be proactive in having it removed.

Asbestos can be found in many places within schools & other educational buildings such as colleges & universities
The Governement offer guidance for school leaders, governors, local authorities & academy trusts about managing asbestos in schools & colleges.
In 2019 nearly 700 schools were referred to the HSE body over concerns they are failing to safely manage asbestos in their buildings, potentially putting thousands of staff and pupils at risk

Asbestos in Schools


-Asbestos lagging used as thermal insulation on pipes and boilers
-Sprayed asbestos used for thermal insulation, fire protection, partitioning and ducts
-Asbestos-insulating board (AIB) used for fire protection, thermal insulation, partitioning and ducts
-Some ceiling tiles
-Floor tiles
-Cement roofing and guttering
-Textured coatings

Asbestos in Educational Buildings

Information taken from the Health & Safety Executive


The most likely way ACMs will create a risk in schools is when they are disturbed or damaged through maintenance, repair or construction activities.


They must assess and manage the risks from asbestos to employees and others. They must also ensure that anyone who is likely to work on, or disturb, asbestos is provided with information about its location and condition.


All staff should be instructed not to disturb or damage ACMs. They should also report damage to school fixtures or fittings that could lead to the release of asbestos fibres, eg damage to ceiling or floor tiles, or to column seals.


Dutyholders need to check that any contractors likely to disturb asbestos are trained and competent for that work. Licensed contractors must be used for most work with asbestos insulation, AIB and asbestos coatings.


The most likely way that ACMs in schools will be disturbed or damaged is through maintenance, repair or construction activities.


Asbestos that is in good condition and unlikely to be damaged or disturbed is not a significant risk to health as long as it is properly managed.

A few of our recent asbestos removal jobs in schools

Westcross Environmental Services

High School in Surrey

Removal of asbestos from a few locations within the school grounds, which included:
Asbestos cement facia panels AIB skylight from staff room Asbestos contained windowsills

Westcross Environmental Services

A school in Cumbria

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Westcross Environmental Services

Loft Hatch at Private School

Removal of rope seal to a hatch on a redundant oil tank at a boarding school in Rutland. This job was called in by a consultant following an M & E contractor who identified asbestos

Businesswoman at a meeting

Gauze Mats at a High School

5 bags containing asbestos related materials from a school in Hounslow including a high number of gauze mats used with bunsen burners

Businesswoman at a meeting

Removal from a primary school

Called out to carry our the safe removal and disposal of both licenced and non-licenced asbestos containing materials throughout the caretakers house- external AIB soffits were removed under fully controlled conditions

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Asbestos at a University

We completed a job at a London University where we are undertaking the safe removal and disposal of asbestos insulation and AIB under fully controlled conditions within multiple enclosures.

What you should do if you identify asbestos at your school

If you discover suspected damaged asbestos we recommend you follow the below 4 steps:



If you discover asbestos, it is vital to immediately cease any activities that may disturb the material to prevent further fibre release.




Ensure the safety of yourself and others by promptly evacuating the area where asbestos has been found, minimising the risk of exposure.



Contact us

Reach out to WestCross Environmental Services without delay, as we are equipped to handle asbestos-related situations with expertise and professionalism.



Keep out

Restrict access to the affected area and prevent unauthorised entry to minimise the risk of exposure to asbestos fibres until our team arrives to assess and address the situation.


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