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Mental Health in the Asbestos Industry

Mental Health Awareness

Welcome to our dedicated space for mental health awareness within the asbestos industry. Understanding the unique pressures of this field, we’re committed to providing support, education, and advocacy for the well-being of our team and the wider community.

At WestCross, the health and well-being of our team is a priority. We actively encourage our lads to come forward and talk, it’s vital they feel. 

Casey Cross– Director

A support network

Mental Health First Aiders

WestCross Environmental Services is not just a leader in asbestos removal; we’re pioneers in championing mental health. With accredited mental health first aiders like Ashley Cross and Billy Ive, we ensure that every member of our team knows they have support.

Mental Health in UK Construction: The Statistics

In the UK construction sector, where the workforce is predominantly male, the rate of suicide among men is three times higher than the national average for male suicide. This stark reality underscores a critical need for support and intervention.

Mental Health at WestCross


Two people working in the construction industry die every day as a result of suicide

Mental Health at WestCross


98% of have felt overwhelmed and 26% of those have had suicidal thoughts

Mental Health at WestCross


48% of people have taken time off work due to unmanageable stress.

*Stats taken from Mates in Mind Charity website

Westcross Environmental Services Team

Men's Mental Health Awareness Month- November

Poor mental health can affect people of any gender, but mental health outcomes for men and women aren’t equal. Due to societal expectations of masculinity, men are less likely to talk to others about their feelings, so they suffer in silence. In a male dominated industry, you can see how mental health in the asbestos industry is such a big problem.

Mental Health

A collection of resources

Take a look at this collection of resources we have found online. Please share, please pass on to others who might benefit from seeing this at a time of need.

Conversation Guide
Conversation Guide

Conversation Guide

Conversation Guide: A guide to talking about suicide which has been shared by Mental Health UK

Mental Health Tips
Mental Health Tips

Mental Health Tips

Protect your mental health tips guide was produced by The Mental Health Foundation

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Around mental health in the asbestos industry

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