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Asbestos in Soil

Beware of the legacy of asbestos in soil

Asbestos, once hailed for its versatility and fire-resistant properties, has left a lasting legacy across the UK, not just in buildings, but in the very ground beneath our feet. Asbestos-contaminated soil is an often-overlooked issue that demands expertise, precision, and a dedication to environmental safety. When buildings or structures containing these asbestos-laden materials are demolished or degrade over time, fragments and particles can become mixed with the soil, contaminating it. 

Additionally, improper disposal of asbestos waste or remnants from manufacturing can further contribute to soil contamination. The presence of asbestos in soil poses potential risks to health, especially when the contaminated soil is disturbed and the fibres become airborne. Hence, identifying and appropriately managing asbestos in soils becomes a critical safety concern. At WestCross Environmental Services, we’ve been at the forefront, delivering solutions for asbestos in soil, supporting many high-profile projects across the nation.

How we help

From the initial identification stage to the complete remediation of the affected areas, our team of experts offers a holistic approach:

  1. Identification & Testing: Using advanced methods, we can swiftly identify and assess the level of asbestos contamination in any given soil sample.

  2. Risk Assessment: Once identified, we gauge the risk associated with the contamination, helping you understand the immediate and long-term implications.

  3. Remediation: Our remediation services are tailored to the specific needs of the site, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum safety.

If you suspect asbestos is in your soil

Identifying and managing asbestos in soil begins with vigilance and awareness. If you are involved in excavation, land development, or even gardening and notice suspect material resembling asbestos, it’s essential to halt any further disturbance immediately.

How it works with asbestos in soil
  1. Initial Assessment: Upon suspecting the presence of asbestos, contact our expert team. We’ll conduct an initial assessment, considering the history of the site, its previous uses, and any visual indications of potential asbestos contamination.

  2. Sampling and Testing: We’ll collect samples from various depths and locations on the site, ensuring comprehensive coverage. These samples are then sent to accredited laboratories for analysis to determine the presence and concentration of asbestos fibres.

  3. Risk Assessment: Once we have the test results, our team will conduct a risk assessment, considering factors like the type of asbestos found, its concentration, and the proposed use of the site. This will guide the necessary remediation actions.

  4. Remediation & Management: Depending on the extent of contamination and the future intended use of the site, our team will devise a plan, which could range from simple management-in-place strategies to more extensive remediation methods, such as excavation and removal.

  5. Post-Remediation Validation: After remediation, further tests are done to validate the success of the process and ensure the site is safe for its intended use.



Over 60 years experience within the asbestos industry. Our track record speaks volumes. We've supported numerous high-profile projects, ensuring land is safe and compliant.


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We are dedicated to delivering a professional service at every stage, from initial consultation to the safe and efficient removal of asbestos, we are on hand to support you.


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It's advised to avoid disturbing asbestos-contaminated soil. If you suspect contamination, always seek professional guidance.


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