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A warning for all homeowners

A warning for all homeowners

A warning for all homeowners

Disaster struck for one homeowner which could have easily been avoided…here is what happened:

We received a call via Checkatrade from a clearly distressed homeowner whose home had been exposed to asbestos!

How did this happen…

A builder and a plumber were at this property working when a plumber had sawn through an AIB panel to a riser in the living room

This led to highly dangerous asbestos fibres releasing into the room and contaminating everything in sight…and we mean everything!




✔️Expensive keyboard

✔️All fixtures and fittings

And guess what?

The property owner was not insured, so this error made by the plumber has left them thousands of pounds out of pocket!

Days without full use of their property whilst our team worked on cleaning up this property, making it safe to reside in once again.

Too many builders and homeowners are completing renovation work before having a survey! Builders are not experts! Only an asbestos survey can confirm if asbestos is present!

Please, we urge you, always get an asbestos survey completed before any renovation work!

Is it worth losing everything just like this property owner?


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