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Asbestos Garage Removal in Newcastle

Asbestos Garage Removal in Newcastle 1

Asbestos Garage Removal in Newcastle

Our team in the North recently tackled a project in Newcastle, addressing a common but hazardous issue many property owners face – an asbestos garage in disrepair.
Project Scope:
The task involved the safe removal and disposal of asbestos cement roof sheets and infill panel from the garage, executed under strictly controlled conditions.
Following asbestos removal, our team efficiently demolished the remaining structure down to slab level, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive clean-up.
Well done to Dale and his team for their exceptional work on this project.
Special thanks to Watling Waste Service for their collaboration and support throughout this project
Asbestos garages pose a significant health risk if left in disrepair and tackled by homeowners to take them down. Please if you or a friend has a garage like this, call in the experts.

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