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Phase 2 of summer works at a school

Phase 2 of summer works at a school

Phase 2 of summer works at a school

Phase 2 of 4 Underway: School Asbestos Remediation in the East Midlands

The summer works in school are in full swing across the UK, and while many are enjoying the break, WestCross teams are out making schools safer. When the classrooms are vacant, our lads roll up their sleeves!

We’re currently in the second phase of a six-week program at a school in the East Midlands. The aim? Remove insulation residues from pipework and flooring in four roof void enclosures above classrooms and a hall.

Safety is paramount. We’re using mobile scaffold towers for secure access and have implemented solid safe work systems, including fall arrest apparatus. Our detailed procedure ensures that all Man-Made Mineral Fibre (MMMF) insulation is properly removed and treated as contaminated waste.

The job isn’t done with just removal. After all asbestos is gone, our team will reinstate the pipework and loft insulation.

As the Principal Contractor, it’s our duty and pleasure to coordinate all trades on-site, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Well done to Liam and his team for their continued hard work on this project.

If you, or someone you know requires any asbestos remediation works, please get in touch with our team:

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