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Working at an established entertainment venue


Working at an established entertainment venue

Spotlight on an Iconic Entertainment Venue in East Midlands

Almost a decade ago, asbestos contamination was discovered in the main roof void of this renowned venue. Over the years, phased decontamination works ensued.

An interesting story…

Many of our senior team members, have played a part in the remediation process even before their WestCross days!

This Summer’s Project: Modernise the ambience with a state-of-the-art lighting system. Although the venue was previously decontaminated, taking no risks is in our DNA.

WestCross were invited back to craft precise core holes through the ceiling, paving the way for new, dazzling light fittings.

Precision is Key: With laser technology at our disposal, each core hole was crafted exactly to the lighting specifications. Our specialists, trained to operate a unique machine known as a spider MEWP, further ensured the accuracy of our work.

Beating the Clock: Time was of the essence. Renowned venues like these have tight maintenance schedules, with only brief windows for any updates or renovations.

A big shout out to Martynas and the team on site! Their efforts exceeded expectations, completing the task flawlessly and well ahead of time.


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